Is Egyptian food security in danger? Food Security and Climate Change.

As we approach the mid third decade of the third millennium, it is obvious that the climate change is really happening, and is no longer a mere assumption with potential repercussions. It has become a tangible reality with impacts on all aspects of human beings’ lives. It is also apparent that some of these will take a catastrophic turn in the short\ medium term during the second half of the current century at most, if not before.

This research paper focuses on the impact of climate change on food security in Egypt, identify the effects of the global food system and food supply chains and its contribution to climate change, and the impact of climate change on food security in Egypt. It proposes some solutions that can limit or mitigate climate change and its expected impact on food in Egypt.

The paper uses information, data and figures in an analytical manner to identify the current situation and possible future scenarios of climate change and its consequences on food security in Egypt.

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