City Scholars program

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In light of the global and local shifts in our cities, and the restructuring involved in the post Covid-19 world, the importance of studying the impacts and reflections of these shifts on individuals and their surroundings emerges, through different social sciences approaches, including history, anthropology, environmental science, and public policies. In this regard, the Human and the City for Social Research (HCSR) organizes the “City Scholars” program, as a training path of an academic and professional nature supported by project- and discussion-based learning. The program aims to improve the participant’s skills and knowledge, to learn how to carry out research, and document and analyze the social, architectural, urban, and environmental changes. This will be their cornerstone to create well-structured research using the skills of critical thinking and understanding the logic behind social research. The program’s target audience is undergraduate, fresh-graduate and postgraduate youth of any background interested in the different intersections of social sciences and their manifestations. The program topics include: Introduction to City studies The future of the city, and impacts of climate change Principles of scientific research Research skills, research writing and citation Access to data, information resources, and data verification. Different research products Local and international legislation on the right to the city.

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